• April - mid-November
  • 1.5 - 3.5hours
  • 4000 - 6000/person


Rafting through the swift current of the winding Shiribetsu River…. Niseko offers incredible rafting rides for all ages and abilities. Whether it’s your first time to step into a river and flow swiftly down the river for a tranquil time surrounded by the natural splendor or you are looking for an exciting, water-splashing ride with the thrill of rapidly flowing snowmelt water, rafting tours can be catered to your needs and comfort level to offer an incredible experience.

Whether you choose spring rafting with thrilling rapids, or summer rafting with gentle flows, or autumn rafting with relaxing flows hued with colors of red and yellow, it is a perfect activity for families and groups looking to enjoy the river and surrounding natural beauty.

We recommend booking services and activities prior to arrival due to limited availability. Upon confirmation of your reservation, we will send you detailed information on our extensive list of activities available and will make all necessary arrangements for your Niseko experience, giving you peace of mind.