Here at Annupuri Village we are constantly looking for new people. Over the next few years we will be looking for talented people in all professions from construction management to housekeeping to customer service. We envision a fully self sufficient village with every skill neccessary to make things run smoothly. Please check the positions below and send us your resume via email with the job title as the subject.



  • A person with many media contacts to advertise Annupuri Village and Annupuri area domestically and internationally
  • Photoshop skills to create AV ads
  • Create AV logo T-shirts and complimentary products
  • Plan events to bring more tourists and work closely with other resorts in this area

Project Manager

  • Project leader who has experiences with real estate industry or construction in Japan
  • You will be a liaison between foreign customers and house builders. You must have good idea of foreign houses and build them within budgets
  • Responsible to receive various permits from local authorities. Must be familiar with construction regulations


  • CPA holder or book keeper
  • Person with international accounting experience or experience with a large accounting firm is a plus
  • Duty includes weekly and monthly reporting of operations